This project is just for fun, hosting it on Itch to show effects. There isn't much here... yet. ;) I'm still very new to Twine but I'm always experimenting with its various functions to create a great, engaging game!

Development log


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i will be praying for an update!! i fell in love already u got this wheelies!!!! im ur new biggest fan!!!!!! <33333333

i m really loving this so far. i hope you keep working on it  


HI YES HELLO ummmm not sure what to say since there's literally only one other comment but skdfjashdkfs please continue the story??? I love it, and I can't wait to read what happens next! Twine games don't generally hold my attention for very long because of the lack of graphics/things to look at, but your writing was fun and engaging, so I ended up rewinding and trying to play through as much of the game as I could! I'll be sticking around for updates, so please keep going with this project! :D

Oh my gosh, thank you for all the kind words! Definitely glad I could hold your attention. An update is forthcoming, trust me, now that I know there are actual people behind Itch's analytics dashboard. As you said, there's literally one other comment, but I consider that enough love to keep this thing going, lol. Thanks so much for your comment, and I hope the next update lives up to your expectations!


Hey! I found this game and it’s really nice, but I think there a bug at one part of the story. After you meet Skyler and you talk about Blake with them, the text cuts off on both ways of the story. It might be that the game is still in development and I’m just blind and I didn’t see where you wrote it, or the text isn’t coming through. But other then that the story is amazing with what I’ve read so far!


Hi there, thanks for the comment! The text cuts off because the game's still in development, yeah. I'll make sure to include a note in all the areas that aren't written yet, just for clarity's sake. Thanks again for the feedback, and hope you stick around for the eventual update once I get around to it!

(Procrastination: don't do it.)